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Q. What does this mean?
A. Your website will respond the size of the screen the site is being viewed on.

Q. Why would I want this?
A. This is an efficient way to display your website's content in an attractive, readable and efficient manner across most devices without the need of creating separate apps for each device. It eliminates maintenance costs for separate sites and apps. In the long run it SAVES YOU MONEY.

Q. Can you make my current site into a responsive site?
A. Most responsive scripts/methods would require your site template to be redesigned/recoded. This is because a responsive site needs to be designed/built with "Progressive Enhancement" in mind. In short progressive enhancement is a recommended practice of creating a basic website that all browsers can view and enhance it for more advanced browsers. Such as browsers on smart phones or desktop PCs.

BUT there are solutions that could be done if you don't want your site redone and you want a mobile version.

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