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My name is Joseph Zimmerman. I am a web designer.

I graduated from the University of North Dakota with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Graphic Design Technology and a minor in Entrepreneurship. I have also gained a broad knowledge of the design industry through my work experience. My passion resides with the web.

My freelance work has been a rewarding experience in itself. I have always been interested in learning new practices or ways to do things. Recently I found myself comparing what I do to metaphorically swimming in a sea of learning.

The web is always evolving and new technologies are always being invented. Learning one thing always leads to learning a group of other things. This is why I view what I do as exciting. Some days may give me multiple "ah-ha" moments. While others provide more involved challenges.

I am passionate about what I do and will do everything I can to provide you with the best solution(s). I look forward to the opportunity of working with you.

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